Tesla Model X 60D Dropped from Lineup

Tesla Model X 60D Dropped from Lineup

Not long after it was introduced, Tesla is dropping the entry-level Model X 60D from its lineup.

The American electric vehicle manufacturer is getting rid of the Model X 60D three months after it was introduced. The cheapest model in Tesla’s Model X lineup, the 60D cost $74,000 and was able to get 200 miles on a charge.

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Now the cheapest Model X is the larger 75D, which is a full $11,500 more expensive than the 60D before incentives. Because the 60D used a range-limited 75 kWh battery pack, customers were able to purchase it and then later unlock the added range for a cost.

Tesla is pushing for record-breaking sales in 2016 and perhaps streamlining the lower end of the lineup is part of the plan. The cancellation of the Model X 60D could also have something to do with a mystery announcement that’s coming on October 17, but we can’t know that for sure.

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