Don’t Expect to See a Mercedes Pickup in the US Anytime Soon


The first-generation Mercedes X-Class pickup truck won’t be available in the U.S.

Speaking at the 2016 L.A. Auto Show, Mercedes-Benz USA CEO Dietmar Exlar confirmed last week that the X-Class isn’t heading to the U.S. market next year. He did, however, say that it’s a possibility that the next-generation model could be offered. “Once the next version of the truck comes out – when we see the next iteration – there might be an opportunity to bring it in the medium and the long-term,” he said.

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For now, the Mercedes X-Class is expected to go on sale in other global markets in Europe, Latin America, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia starting next year. The concept was unveiled last month and the German automaker is still evaluating whether the U.S. market will eventually make sense.

“It’s the biggest segment we’re not in,” Exler said. “It’s overall an attractive, huge segment, but we need to make sure it’s the right time for Mercedes.”

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  • Noe

    Quite unreal reading.

    A pick-up built and not heading to the US of A market that is the worlds biggest market for this vehicle type. Outstanding call in MB’s part.

    Europe, Latin America, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia – yes some market but this a fraction of the US

    The vehicle should have been planned, designed and built for the USA roll-out simultaneously with the global launch – USA market should have been the first and the rest following a few months after

    Competition? sure. Will existing MB buyers also buy a Pick-up, perhaps? will traditional truck owners buy / upgrade to a perceived higher end brand – those that can afford it ? perhaps.

    Oh well ….