Ford Mustang Looks Just Right Wearing a Police Uniform

Now that the Ford Mustang is a sold around the world, some German tuners have put it in a police uniform and it looks pretty good.

The VDAT is Germany’s equivalent to the Special Equipment Market Association (SEMA) in the U.S., and consists of companies in the aftermarket tuner industry while being backed by German Federal Minister of Transport. Each year, the association builds a custom police car to promote safe vehicle modification and its latest creation is based on the Ford Mustang GT. Called “Wolf Wide 5.0,” the modified Mustang was revealed at the 2016 Essen Motor Show and has been customized by local tuning shop Wolf Racing.

Although there’s plenty of performance potential from the V8 Mustang, Wolf Racing kept things simple, giving the police car an upgraded exhaust and tune to bring output from 421 horsepower up to 455 hp. On all four corners are 20-inch wheels paired with Hankook tires, while a height-adjustable coilover suspension gives the Mustang a whole new stance.

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The exterior styling has been enhanced with a full body kit accompanied by a large rear spoiler. There is, of course, the full Polizei livery along with blue lights and sirens by Hella. The Mustang will spend the next 12 months touring car shows and other events to raise awareness for the safe tuning campaign.

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