Dieselgate’s Next Victim Could be Mercedes

Dieselgate’s Next Victim Could be Mercedes

Mercedes-Benz might be the next German automaker to stop offering diesel engines in the U.S.

Like BMW earlier this year, Mercedes is experiencing a delay in diesel certifications in the U.S. as a result of more rigorous testing procedures by the EPA following Volkswagen’s diesel emissions scandal. Although the automaker is currently working to get certification on a limited number of diesel models, it may not endure the process again in the future. According to Matthias Luehrs, vice president of sales and product management for Mercedes-Benz Cars, the German automaker is conducting market research on U.S. diesel demand to help guide its direction.

“We have to look at that and see whether it makes sense to offer diesels in the future,” he said during an interview at the 2016 L.A. Auto Show. “We have not come to a conclusion but we obviously always tend to develop cars and offer vehicles according to customers’ demands.”

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He added that dropping diesel offerings in the U.S. altogether “is a theoretical option,” adding that demand for diesels in North America has been low “and is still lowering” for cars and crossovers. As for the certifications, it is currently waiting for, the company is confident that in most of the cases it will be approved. Its current priority is receiving EPA certification for the GLS350d, which uses a V6 diesel engine. Mercedes is also seeking certification for at least four diesel models in the U.S., including the GLS, GLC, GLE and C-Class sedan.

[Source: Automotive News]

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  • Noe

    Never understood the european love for diesel. Amounts spent on the engineering over the years to make a ‘clean and fast diesel’ that is just like a petrol engine. Why? All of that money would have been better spent on evolving a replacement to both petrol and diesel. Hybrid and/or electric …. yes its taken/taking place but in view of how other technology has gone in leaps and bounds why is this tech so slow to evolve / evolving at a glacial pace? Tesla is no.1 and toyota’s half-arsed hybrids should be way more advanced …

    Ironically in recent years Diesel has increased in price for the Europeans and the Uk

  • smartacus

    meanwhile; i’m giving the Jaguar XE diesel serious consideration as my next vehicle.

    Excellent MPG, instant torque, low RPM running, 533 mile range, and no spark plugs to change ever.

  • klausc

    In Europe, diesel is cheaper than gasoline and gets much better MPG. In the USA, diesel is more expensive than ‘premium’ gasoline, plus the additional requirement for “add blue” which is expensive and not available at all gas stations.
    I prefer diesel engines because of the extra torque and better MPG, and my GL320 is extremely quiet and has been trouble free.

  • Razvan Ionescu-Dore

    They have glow plugs and you need to replace ?

  • Razvan Ionescu-Dore

    Here in US we like diesel for trucks, boats, trains. Even the aviation use jet fuel, it’s a diesel fuel only doesn’t freeze in the airplane reservoirs ?