Production Toyota Supra Spied Revealing Production-Ready Design


New spy photos showing us the most detail we’ve seen yet of the upcoming Toyota Supra have hit the web. 

Unlike the previous set of Supra spy shots, which featured a fully covered nose and tail, this latest prototype gives us a better idea what the production car will look like. Up front, cues from the Toyota FT-1 Concept can be seen, though a new array of air intakes have been added to the car.

More is revealed in the rear as well, with the taillight shape finally coming into view while the rear shoulders and decklid are both reminiscent of the FT-1. The overall style appears toned down compared to that wild concept, but that is par for the course with most automakers.

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What is coming under the hood is still unknown, though there are a few hints floating around. In a recent spy video, it sounds like  some type of hybrid powertrain is helping the Supra drive, though once the driver kicks the throttle, you can hear the throaty exhaust of the internal combustion powerplant. Early rumors suggested that the powerplant is likely to be a turbocharged inline six-cylinder from BMW, but Lexus is also said to be working on a twin-turbo V6, an engine that could work here as well.

BMW and Toyota developed this car together, along with the new Z5, and are setting them up not to be competitors. For that reason, the Supra is said to be a coupe only while the new BMW Z5 will be a convertible only.

The Supra is expected to arrive after the new BMW Z5, likely as a 2019 model year vehicle.

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  • Ozme

    Z5 to be sold first so I guess the Toyota version will cost less. Wonder if Z5 will have metal hardtop like Z4? proto shown with canvas but think might change.

  • Rocket

    There is a surprising amount of sidewall on those tires, which is a good thing. Is somebody finally waking up?

  • riiiiick

    Probably won’t be like that for production… guessing 18’s and 19’s with low profiles. :/

    Although the meatier tires would be nicer for performance enthusiasts.

  • Steve

    Soo… they looked to early 90s Celicas for styling inspiration?

  • Myra W

    I’ll probably be in the minority here but I don’t like it. I’m very disappointed that Toyota hasn’t created a version based on the style of the ’89 because the models produced after that until they went out of production, pretty much, look the same as the 300ZX and the RX7. As a matter of fact, this could be the new Mazda MX-5 Miata RF or RX7.

  • Dann

    Looks incredibly bland and uninteresting. Blends in with every other sedan on the road.

  • Emperius

    It’s quite ugly, no emotional lines, no passion. Just a BMW Porsche looking Hyundai with GTR’s golf cart hood.

  • T.R.A.N.C.E.

    God Toyota has dropped the ball so much since the 90’s, I loved the supra and celica’s of the 90’s. But what is up with their current designs, the 86 is ugly as shit, and this new car is also ugly. FT1 looks pretty good, but it’s too fancy, we need to go back to simple but unique, the original supra is just beautiful and timeless, if they take that original design and just tweak and morph it a bit for an update that would be sweetness, you have to keep the front and rear light’s general design (eg 4 lights on the rear, 3 on the front).

  • Ruben Santos

    God that’s awful.. Wtf is going on with toyota? Every single vehicle they make now is ugly.. This is subjective i know but compared to the 80’s and 90’s it’s pretty clear..
    When i first saw the ft1 i was pretty impressed and saw some hope for toyota but now i lost it again.. I still have some “faith” that the ft1 wont get ditched and will be turned into a LFA mk2..

  • This cannot be called Supra.

  • RamaJama

    The concept was so amazing. This looks like a dud.

  • weekend at bryans

    the z5 top will be a soft top like the z3

  • Maddox

    WTF toyota, are you determined to never sell this crap!? What an ugly body style, have they learned nothing!? If they release this nonsense, they will only boost the sales of GTR’s..

  • Maddox

    They need to put down the saki and stop with the anime, this isn’t funny anymore. Their designed have gone downhill so fast, I hate all their new stuff. I’ve bought almost nothing but toyota since the mid 90’s but im looking elsewhere, can’t stand their new looks. I would agree, the older cars had character. This new age mess is garbage.

  • turbotits

    Well they are working with BMW so their going to have to make some compromises its obviously not going to look exactly like the concept. I’ll wait till the camo comes off to make final judgement.

  • Tonypepperoni

    Not sure how ‘spy’ this is. Looks more posed for.