One of Italy’s Fastest Supercars Just Got More Power

When it comes to supercars, you can never have too much power.

Which is why Italian automaker Mazzanti has given its Evantra a new pack to boost performance by 20 horsepower to 771 hp. It will be properly introduced at the 2016 Bologna Motor Show and don’t expect any crazy, fancy name for it: It’s simply called the Mazzanti Evantra 771. There’s no mention if the 7.0-liter naturally aspirated V8 engine produces more torque, but the Evantra 771 does also get an updated look, inspired by Mazzanti’s Evantra Millecavalli hypercar.

The aerodynamic changes include a new front splitter, an updated air intake on the roof and new designs on the mirrors and the rear wing.

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Inside, the Evantra receives numerous updates that make it more similar to the Millecavalli. It adopts the digital dash and infotainment system found in the hypercar version of the Evantra, allowing it be customized by the owner.

The Evantra 771 package will be available starting spring 2017 and can be added to existing Evantra vehicles for current owners who want the upgrade.

“The new pack 771 brings Evantra one step ahead,” Luca Mazzanti said in a release. “We increased our resources to bring this project to life and the inspiration came directly from the project of the Hypercar Evantra Millecavalli which is now facing the advanced stage of development.”

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