Owner of Vintage Porsche with One Million Miles is a Real Hero


Porsche is celebrating a vintage 356 owner who recently passed the one-million-mile mark.

Guy Newmark owns a blue Porsche 356, which he originally received as a graduation gift from his father, who purchased the car from its original owner just a few months after it was built. Newmark has kept it for more than 40 years, driving it anytime he needs to use a car and has clocked one million miles as a result. And since it’s his daily driver, he’s maintained it religiously, making sure it gets serviced every 3,000 miles.

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The German automaker has put together a video capturing the milestone just as the 356 clicks over to one million miles. The best news? Newmark also talks about his plans for the future of his car, which is truly something astonishing, considering very few people ever own a vehicle with one million miles.

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  • Hugh Jorgen

    I had a Volvo once that had a million miles on it…. 95% of the mileage was behind a tow truck.