Tesla Model S Gets New Glass Roof Option

Tesla Model S Gets New Glass Roof Option

Tesla has introduced a new glass roof option for its Model S and has discontinued P90D models for the Model S and Model X.

The change was spotted on the U.S. electric automaker’s website by Electrek, and the new all-glass roof will cost $1,500 in the U.S., while the panoramic sunroof option will cost $2,000, which is needed for roof rack and satellite radio compatibility. Tesla says the new roof gives the electric sedan an “open, expansive cabin feel,” but not much other information on the new roof is available.

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Another change spotted in the online car configurator is that the P90D model has been discontinued. Customers can still buy a 90D, but without the P designation, Ludicrous mode can’t be added on. To get Ludicrous mode on any Tesla, customers will have to option up to the more powerful P100D, which includes it as standard equipment.

[Source: Electrek]