The Short List: Top Five Retro Car Features That Need a Comeback


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Better, faster, smoother, safer, the inexorable march of progress keeps pushing us forward. But new isn’t always the answer, especially when it comes to cars.

Sometimes old is the ticket, a soothing if outdated salve for the gearhead’s soul. And believe it or not, our forefathers and mothers were exceedingly clever, coming up with some incredible features, all without the aid of computers or the internet. How is living even possible without Google?

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Celebrating their inventiveness, here are five retro car features we wish would make a comeback. From vent windows to bench seats, there’s a little something for everyone. To learn what the rest of these items are, make sure to watch the embedded video. You won’t be disappointed… well, you probably will be, but whatever. We did our best.

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  • smartacus

    bench seats truly need a comeback in the worst way!!!!

    5 seats are not enough for my entourage of friends and/or family sometimes.
    7 passenger van is often times just too big, too heavy, too long, too much, too inefficient.
    6 passenger sedan or hatch would solve so many problems.

    * and a bench would help my two-seater too! So often i wish my two buckets were actually a 3-place bench so i didn’t have to take the 5 passenger vehicle.

    ***and i gotta see if i still have a butterfly collar shirt in my wardrobe 🙂

  • smartacus

    a properly engineered hood ornament would probably help cut wind resistance too