These Gearheads Are the Idiots We’ve Always Wanted to Be

A new series called Reidus and Cletus has launched on YouTube and the first episode chronicles two friends and their goal to rescue a basketcase vintage C3 Corvette and drive it to its first car meet.

Based in Toronto, Canada, Clayton Seams bought the Corvette sight unseen from California and asked his friend Alex Reid to fly over from Calgary to help him get it in road-worthy condition so they could drive it to Chicago — all on a beer budget and in a very short timeframe of less than a week. Clayton has always wanted a vintage Corvette, and although this one looked like a death trap, he said it was too good to pass up. At least it was somewhat drivable.

The endearing team is doing exactly what most people with mortgages, kids, and real responsibilities can’t do, and for that, we salute them.

Watch the first episode above.

Full Disclosure: Clayton and I used to work together, and I’ve always admired his awesome/idiotic decision-making skills.