This Lamborghini Commercial is Pretty Dumb, but We Watched it 3 Times Anyway


Lamborghini has released a new commercial for its Huracan lineup, and it basically serves no purpose but to give you your car porn fix for the day.

Like most other Lamborghini commercials, this one is overwrought, unnecessarily dramatic, and takes itself too seriously. But that didn’t stop us from watching it three times anyway, if just to delight our ears with a few minutes of glorious V10s wailing about.

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The commercial promotes the full Lamborghini Huracan lineup, which just recently expanded to have four cars: the AWD coupe, RWD coupe, AWD Spider and RWD Spider.

Watch the Lamborghini commercial above.

  • Michel

    It would have been soooo much better with 2 couples or 4 hot women instead of those too-serious-too-good-looking-too-rich dudes.

  • Emperius

    They’re MGTOW’s.