Land Rover Gets in the Holiday Spirit

Land Rover has created a Christmas cabin that fits in the back of the Discovery Sport SUV.

The cleverly designed cabin has enough space for two adults to sleep snugly in temperatures as low as -20 degrees Celcius, Land Rover said. It folds down to fit in the rear of the Discovery Sport, which means even Santa can fit it on his sleigh this Christmas.

The company’s engineers used every bit of the SUV’s rear load space to carry the wooden cabin’s components, and even the glove box, cup holders and door bins were filled with nuts, bolts and festive decorations.

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The company tested the Christmas cabin in Land Rover’s own cold-climate chamber, in which all Land Rover vehicles are subjected to sub-freezing temperatures. It was then transported to its final secret location in the heart of the frozen wilderness. The cabin features a solar charger on its roof, while lights and a kettle can be connected to the Discovery Sport’s 12V power socket.

Land Rover will be using the cabin over the next few years to support ongoing partnerships and upcoming events, as well as making appearances through its network of Land Rover Experience centers.

“There is a growing trend for off-grid living and ‘wilderness cabins’ and only Land Rover could create a ‘go anywhere’ cabin like this,” said mountaineer and 12-times Everest climber Kenton Cool. “The design is cleverly engineered and incredibly robust, making it perfect for remote locations across the world.”

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