Will Lightning McQueen Make a Detroit Show Appearance?

Will Lightning McQueen Make a Detroit Show Appearance?

Pixar is heading to the 2017 Detroit Auto Show to promote the upcoming Cars 3 movie.

The company is hosting a press conference on Sunday, January 8 and will give an early look at Cars 3 as well as debut a life-size version of one of the film’s stars. Although Pixar hasn’t confirmed who that car will be, our guess is the iconic Lightning McQueen, although another possibility will be one of the new characters from Cars 3 that was seen in the teaser trailer.

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Pixar will also create a special Cars 3–themed display on the show floor that regular attendees to the 2017 Detroit Auto Show can enjoy.

“With every film that we make at Pixar, we do our best to create worlds and characters that ring true to our audiences,“ said Cars 3 director Brian Fee. “A huge part of doing this successfully lies in the extensive research that we do on each film. Cars 3 is a love letter to racing and its roots, so we could not be more excited to be a part of the North American International Auto Show to share a little bit of our film with our fellow car enthusiasts.”

And in case you missed the trailer, here it is for your viewing pleasure:

  • octogon

    The new “more realistic” maps on the CGI is stunning.
    SPOILER: I suspect McQueen will undergo a “makeover”. Time will tell.