The Former Stig is Trolling the Grand Tour

The Former Stig is Trolling the Grand Tour

Top Gear’s former race car driver took to social media to troll the new official race car driver on The Grand Tour. 

Ben Collins, the driver who formerly played Top Gear’s faceless race car driver called The Stig sent out a photo on Instagram showing Mike Skinner from The Grand Tour rounding a corner with the BMW M2, pointing out that he wasn’t using the entire width of the track. Generally, using the whole track is proper racing technique and results in faster lap times.

In internet speak, Collins is trolling Skinner big time.

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The Grand Tour is borrowing much of its format from Top Gear, including having a single race car driver set official lap times at the same race track. In this case, the driver is Mike Skinner, a former NASCAR driver.

We’ll have to wait until the new season of Top Gear launches to see if the BBC responds.

  • smartacus

    One thing i’ve learned from Ben Collins is
    if he says so,
    it IS so.