Watch a Nissan Juke Do the World’s First ‘Blind’ J-Turn

The Nissan Juke has established the world’s first “blind” J-turn record.

Stuntman Paul Swift did the J-turn using only the Juke’s Intelligent Around View Monitor (AVM) on-board camera technology for guidance, with the crossover’s windows blacked out as a way to blind him. Swift managed to spin the car 180 degrees, using only the Juke’s four exterior cameras to position himself. As a result, the attempt equaled the existing “sighted” record which is turning the car from driving backwards to driving forwards in a space just 18 centimeters longer than its bumper-to-bumper distance.

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Nissan’s AVM system provides the driver with a 360-degree birds’ eye view of the car and its surroundings, using images from four cameras that are stitched together to display on the NissanConnect dash screen.

“I don’t recommend drivers try to park using AVM and a J-turn like I did, but I can really see how using the AVM technology in everyday driving situations would be a real benefit to Nissan customers,” said Swift.

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