3 Reasons Honda in Japan is Way Cooler

3 Reasons Honda in Japan is Way Cooler

More proof has surfaced that Honda in Japan is 100 percent cooler than Honda in North America.

The Japanese automaker has always kept its home market happy with adorable little kei cars and tiny sports cars that we North Americans have always been very vocally jealous about.

Here are three new concepts that Honda has debuted at the 2017 Tokyo Auto Salon that we are intrigued by.

Neo Classic Prototype

neo-classic honda

This perfect little specimen is based on the Honda S660, a little turbo three-cylinder mid-engined roadster with just 66 horsepower. This concept puts a retro spin on the little sports car and the result has “Critical Levels of Want” written all over it. With the fantastic combination of a British racing green exterior and a tan interior, it hits all the right notes without being too kitschy.

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Vezel Gear


This excellent little sand dune basher is based on the Honda Vezel, which is called an HR-V here in North America. By jacking it up, changing the grille to give it a rugged and retro look, and outfitting it with enough plastic cladding to make a Jeep jealous, Honda has turned the subcompact crossover into an off-roading warrior.

GARU by Mugen


We’re not sure what GARU means, but it might have something to do with the word garish? Not the most stylish concept here, this car is also based on the S660 but done up with an entirely different body kit and giant wheels. Described online as a mini Chiron, not much is known about this concept, but just looking at will probably tell you more than enough.

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  • Jonny_Vancouver

    garu roughly translated from the japenese iri-garu means: illegal. And you’re right, it was an S660 modified by Mugen. Beautiful concepts, I wish we had Kei cars here.

  • Chad Gordon

    I wish the Kei cars could pass our crash tests so they could be sold here.

  • JE

    Cheers to that

  • JE