Gallery: The Best Weird and Wonderful Customs from the 2017 Tokyo Auto Salon


No other place in the world can have as many weird and wonderful custom cars than the Tokyo Auto Salon.

As the SEMA show of Japan, the Tokyo Auto Salon celebrates tuner culture and aftermarket suppliers. The result is a jaw-dropping array of things you never thought you would see like a Pikachu-themed Lamborghini Aventador or a jacked up Toyota Prius built for off-roading.

Flip through the gallery above to check out the craziest things we saw at the 2017 Tokyo Auto Salon. But first, THIS:


  • Noe

    A mere snippet of what was on show here – though it gives a sense of the mix between

    – beautifully done to

    – down right atrocious

    The Tokyo Auto salon always has a major eclectic mix – the car park also has some interesting items coming in and out

    Weather was great too though it was an extremely cold week-end (unusually tokyo had -3c at points over the Friday-Monday which isn’t so usual)