Here’s Proof Lexus Will Put a Spindle Grille on Anything

Lexus is covering all three modes of transportation: land, sea and air.

After unveiling a luxurious yacht concept featuring a pair of 5.0-liter V8 engines, the Japanese automaker unveiled a replica of a key pursuit craft in the 2017 film Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. The single-seater Skyjet premiered as part of an immersive Lexus event in Miami that also showcased the brand’s latest products and lifestyle activities.

The Skyjet was created by the Valerian team as a vehicle grounded in reality, while fitting in the Valerian world which is set 700 years in the future. The movie’s creators worked with designers at Lexus to bring modern design cues while taking adaptations of current iconic models to create the final Skyjet.

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As you can tell, the final design features an adapted interpretation of Lexus’ signature “spindle” grille, as well as a headlight design similar to that found on the 2018 Lexus LC coupe. The Valerian creative team also worked with Lexus on the interior design, drawing inspiration from the automaker’s latest developments in AI and advanced HMI technologies. The narrative of the movie is set to incorporate an imagined energy capsule of the future, which was inspired by Lexus’ work on innovative hydrogen fuel cell technology.

This is just the first of several experiences Lexus plans on hosting over the next seven months, leading up to the movie’s release in July 2017.

“When Luc first spoke to us about his vision for Valerian, it was clear that he shared our ambition to go beyond the ordinary and create amazing experiences,” said Spiros Fotinos, head of global brand marketing at Lexus. “It was an exciting challenge to help imagine the design and technologies for the SKYJET from a Lexus point of view. In addition to having our brand be part of an incredible story, we got to enjoy the look of our designers and engineers when we told them they get to work on a spaceship!”

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