Honda NeuV Concept Wants to Make You Money


The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is underway and Honda just unveiled the NeuV Concept, which is a compact car that will make you money.

This EV is described as a North American take on the kei car, basically, a small and efficient car for the city. The little car has a wild design that is mostly made up of a plexiglass material rather than the usual sheetmetal. The entire side sections of the car are doors that pivot out of the way for easy access while maintaining a small size. Those windows and doors are also underlit so that when the car is off, they reflect everything around it in order to blend into the environment.

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This EV is designed with the idea that a car can make a driver some extra money while they’re not using it. Honda envisions a ride sharing program where the car can autonomously pick up people needing a ride, earning the owner some extra money in the process. Furthermore, using a wireless charging system, it can sell excess electricity back to the grid, which would also help make some money for the owner.

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When the driver is at the helm of the vehicle, they’ll be interacting with Honda’s Automated Network Assistant or HANA for short. This artificial intelligence learns from the driver and will be able to determine their mood and keep tabs on situations like if they’re too tired to drive. It can also make suggestions on what type of music to listen to while on the go.

Inside the little car, there’s a massive interface with screens and cameras instead of mirrors.

Finally, to help owners travel that last mile, the NeuV arrives with a smart skateboard that is connected to HANA as well.

It’s a wild concept car and Honda made sure to point out that it doesn’t see the NeuV going into production as is, but it will take some of the ideas and features from this concept and possibly use them in future production vehicles.

  • Jonny_Vancouver

    I’ve been waiting for a Japanese smart car. Electric, size, those doors, just price it right and it’ll sell like hot-cakes.