Mercedes Taps ‘Easy Rider’ for Inspiration in its 2017 Super Bowl Ad

Mercedes-Benz is tapping a classic American cult film for inspiration in its 2017 Super Bowl commercial. 

The spot plays on Easy Rider, the classic film about two bikers on a wild trip across the U.S. In the commercial, entitled Easy Driver, we see a group of angry bikers, called outside of their local bar by the threat of someone blocking in their bikes.

When that someone turns out to be actor Peter Fonda, star of Easy Rider, in a Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster, all they can do is stand and stare.

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The commercial was directed by the Coen Brothers, famous for their work on Fargo and the Big Lebowski. This is actually the second time the Coen Brothers have directed a Super Bowl commercial, the last one being for Honda back in 1997.

“The film is a really successful media kick-off into our 50th company anniversary,” said Mercedes-AMG chairman Tobias Moers in a statement. “We are delighted that the new Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster is going to be playing a major role at this year’s football final.”

The Mercedes commercial will air during the fourth quarter of the game, which takes place on Sunday, Feb.5.

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