Our Inner Child is FREAKING OUT Over Nerf’s New Toy

Our Inner Child is FREAKING OUT Over Nerf’s New Toy

Christmas may have just passed, but we already have something on our wish list.

Hasbro has announced the Nerf Nitro that is destined for stores this summer. And instead of shooting darts or other random foam projectiles, the Nerf Nitro shoots little foam cars and it looks awesome. What makes the Nerf Nitro blaster unique compared to other Nerf guns is that it’s designed to be placed on a flat surface, shooting foam cars out at incredible speeds with their plastic wheels. There’s also a built-in safety button at the bottom to make sure the blaster can only be fired while placed on a flat surface – although we’re sure people will find a way around that.

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There will be several Nerf Nitro kits available, starting with the $20 Longshot Smash that has a single-shot, spring-powered blaster that fires one car at a time. Then there’s the $30 Flashfury Chaos set, which has a blaster that can hold up to three cars at once. At the top of the lineup is the $50 MotoFury Rapid Rally kit, equipped with a battery-powered flywheel launcher with a clip that holds up to nine (!) cars for semi-automatic firing. All of the sets come with multiple foam cars and at least one ramp.

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