Poll: Toyota Tacoma or Nissan Frontier?

Poll: Toyota Tacoma or Nissan Frontier?

Trucks… Americans LOVE ‘em more than beer-battered pizza. We simply can’t get enough of these versatile rigs.

And what’s not to adore? They offer rugged styling, go-almost-anywhere capability and open beds to carry messy loads of Lord-knows-what. For these reasons and more, one of the most popular on the market today is Toyota’s rough-and-ready Tacoma.

This midsize pickup has been the segment’s best-seller for the past decade. It’s reliable, reasonably affordable and proven to work… HARD.

The Tacoma offers a base four-cylinder engine but you’ll want to avoid this asthmatic unit and opt for the available V6. At 3.5-liters it delivers a smooth and responsive 278 horses. A pair of six-speed transmissions are also on the menu, an automatic and a manual (THANK YOU, TOYOTA!).

Shifting gears, so to speak, and focusing on the Nissan, it also offers two engines: a base four-banger and an up-level V6. The latter displaces 4.0-liters and delivers 261 horses with 281 lb-ft of torque, 16 more units of twist than provided by the Tacoma’s six-shooter.

Frontiers can be had with a five-speed automatic transmission or one of two different manuals.

When equipped with four-wheel drive and a stick-shift these trucks are remarkably similar, averaging 18 miles per gallon each. The Toyota has a one-MPG edge in city driving, stickering at 17, while the Nissan beats it by one on the highway at 21.

Which of these midsize Japanese trucks is better? Which one would YOU rather own? Well, compare them directly right here for more information and don’t forget to vote in our poll!

  • Pesobill

    This one is not even close …. Tacoma owns the crown over the aged ,poor selling Frontier …

  • smartacusⓊ

    i’ve seen both in various forms, seating arrangements, engines and drive layouts.
    The Frontier is solidly capable.
    But despite its paper thin feeling doors, the new Taco is…New

  • Jonny_Vancouver

    For overall quality, The Taco gets my vote.

  • Ricky Morales

    I will always go with tacoma i have own a tacoma since they came out now. I have the new tacoma. and i love it, tough trucks, engine sounds good, everything about the truck is awesome, wait to you go 4×4 let the dirt and mud be my prize ?

  • Tim Williams

    I’ve owned both, and from a modification standpoint, the new Tacoma is a giant step backwards. I have a 2013 Tacoma (I4/5M/4×4), and it was a piece of cake to cut off the plastic air dam and install a winch. The new one has a damn jigsaw puzzle of a front bumper, and most of the aftermarket bumpers I’ve seen for it kill the approach angle.

    I had a Frontier (V6/6M/4×4) in 2005, when the current model was new, and it was one of my favorite trucks ever. Now that the body style is 12 years old, I hope they don’t candy-ass it down too much when they finally redesign it…

  • Kyler Barrett

    I know most people are gonna vote Toyota because of their brand loyalty and being that it is newer.

    But as a recent new truck buyer, I looked at all the midsize trucks. GM twins, Frontier, Tacoma, and even the Ridgeline (if it counts). I was not biased when looking and in fact I almost got the Colorado due to fleet pricing with GM due to my dad’s business.

    After looking at all the options, I ended up with my dream truck: 2016 Nissan Frontier PRO4X King cab with the manual 6 speed, which is not very common. It’s in a lovely deep blue and has all the fancy gadgets including heated seats, mirrors, rear diff locker and a Dana 44 rear end, bilstein Shocks, bed cargo system, backup camera, GPS, and much more. The transmission feels fantastic, the engine is smooth and powerful. Does the interior look a little older? Yeah, but it is charming with its utilitarian ways.

    But it’s not all about the looks, and honestly I prefer the Colorado in red or a Tacoma in many aspects, but for the price I paid and the features I got with the transmission I wanted, I would’ve been paying 5 thousand more for any of the other brands. Not to mention no V6 Manual with GM.

    I think the frontier is due for an update, but I don’t mind it’s age. The flaws have been worked out, and these trucks stand the test of time. Besides, I don’t want an Atkinson cycle engine anyways.

  • JupiterDog

    Frontier is the better truck hands down.

  • Jason Tyler Murray

    Toyota people will stick with Toyota and claim its ‘unkillable’, just a Jeep people stick with Jeep saying its unstoppable (they’re not). Most buyers have blinders from decades ago and it takes a long time for that to change… many admit that Toyota doesn’t have the quality it once had (how large is that frame recall now?) but still insist on Toyota. My Frontier has gone nearly every place the Jeeps in my club go, limitation is physical dimensions… If I had an xTerra then it would be all the same places… on 32″ tires while they’re running 35″ Had one Jeep faithful insist his jeep was better, I had to pull him through… only one that made it through that day without help was a Rubicon (2 lockers and 4:1 xfer makes a big difference)
    But Taco lovers will always stay Taco and they simply hold more of the market with brand recognition… if only Nissan would re-embrace the offroad/racing scene and recapture that recognition

  • Nissan4Lyfe

    Honestly when it comes down to which of the 2 would last longer, it is got to be Nissan’s Frontier. The other day I saw a 2001 Nissan Frontier driving in the parking lot. That was not a random occasion. Every time I am on the highway, I see a ton of grandma old Frontiers. How often do I see grandma old Tacomas? Not that often. I usually see 2006+ Tacomas in my areas. (it really is dependent on where you live). Not But if I wanted a truck that looks new and has all the 21st century bells and whistles, I would go with a Tacoma without hesitation. It really comes down to what type of person you are. If you are a modernist, go with the Tacoma. If you want to explore new frontiers, then go with the Frontier.