Uber Criticized for Undermining Immigration Ban Protests

Uber Criticized for Undermining Immigration Ban Protests

People didn’t take kindly to Uber and Lyft operating during the taxi strikes that were organized to protest the controversial immigration ban.

The ride-sharing companies continued to pick up fares and Uber even cut surge pricing when the New York Taxi Workers Alliance held a strike to protest the immigration ban order. Many saw Uber as trying to profit off the strike, with celebrities like George Takei and Lena Dunham criticizing the move and social media hopping on board with the hashtag #DeleteUber.

The controversial executive order from President Donald Trump left refugees returning to the U.S. detained in airports across the country, spurring protests nationwide (again). The New York Taxi Workers Alliance called for a halt to rides to JFK airport, saying the group’s membership is “largely Muslim” and the refugee order increases the risk of hate crimes against its drivers. Uber drivers are included in the group.

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During the strike, Uber sent a tweet saying it would suspend surge pricing for users ordering rides to the airport. Lyft also continued rides to JFK during the strike, but released a statement on Sunday saying it would donate $1-million to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), which sued Trump over the order and helped prompt a federal judge to block parts of the order.

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick has since released a statement saying his company will set up a $3-million fund to support immigrant drivers in need of legal services, compensate detained drivers for lost earnings and lobby the Trump administration to overturn the order.

[Source: Automotive News]