Fan’s Toyota Supra Render Is All Sorts of Excellent

Fan’s Toyota Supra Render Is All Sorts of Excellent

Everyone is taking their shot at predicting what the next Toyota Supra will look like.

The Japanese automaker has been spied testing the Supra’s successor, and although it has been heavily camouflaged, digital artists worldwide are putting their skills to work. The latest render comes from the SupraMKV forums and it appears to be one of the more accurate ones.

The render shows a sports car drawing inspiration from the stunning FT-1 concept, while bringing modern styling cues from the previous Toyota supra. It also features subtle design elements from newly revamped Toyota models, like the Camry.

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Rumor has it that Toyota will debut a concept of the Toyota Supra’s successor at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show, which means we could see it in production form sometime next year before it heads to dealerships as a 2019 model.

[Source: SupraMKV]

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  • Noe

    The mule test vehicles gave the shape away

    If this ‘mock up’ rendering – which looking at the mule shape is easy to guess – its nothing but a re-sculptured GT86 / BRZ or whichever name you call it in different countries

    If it is fitted with a 2.4 or 3.6 engine then that could be something better and perhaps is ultimate what in reality replaces the 86 …… it would also seem odd for Toyota to carry their line up with two virtually identical cars but one of which has fallen consumer demand is near enough their least popular model in the line up ( the 86 ) – law of costs says it gets dumped soon after the Supra is released

  • Tuan Cao