Wary of Trump, Nissan Goes on a Made-in-America Offensive

Wary of Trump, Nissan Goes on a Made-in-America Offensive

Nissan is taking a more passive-aggressive approach to Donald Trump’s recent comments about automakers moving production to Mexico. 

First Ford and now Toyota, President-elect Donald Trump has been criticizing automakers for moving production to Mexico and has threatened them with a big border tax on car imports. Trump hasn’t mentioned Nissan yet, but the brand isn’t waiting around to be next on the list to be criticized.

The Japanese automaker released the above infographic, detailing just how much of its manufacturing takes place in the U.S. The company highlights its strategic investments in its U.S. operations in recent years, saying that it will continue to build quality vehicles that meet the growing needs of U.S. consumers.

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Overall, 79.5 percent of Nissan and Infiniti vehicles sold in the U.S. were built in North America, an impressive statistic when taking into account that’s a total of 15-million vehicles and 10-million engines. The automaker has over 22,000 U.S. employees with $1.3 billion in annual payroll. Since 1981, Nissan has invested $11 billion into manufacturing in the U.S.

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  • smartacus

    Nobody else is presenting an electric utility bill style breakdown infographic;
    not even FORD or Toyota.

    i like the “$14billion spent” and “$11billion investments” (Billion spelled with a lower-case b)
    to make it appear as if that money was sunk-cost.

    my fav is the $1,300,000,000 annual payroll, almost as if they are telling us they are only paying those little people because they are required by law to do that.