Watch the Jaguar XJ220 Testing its New Tires


Bridgestone has been hard at work developing a new tire for the famous Jaguar sports car.

In September 2016, Bridgestone promised a treat for Jaguar XJ220 lovers everywhere as it was working with U.K.-based Don Law Racing to develop a new set of tires for the XJ220. Don Law Racing specializes in replacement parts for the XJ220 and Bridgestone wants to put some modern performance on the coupe, considering it went out of production over 20 years ago.

The tire company worked with the original Jaguar engineers and test drivers responsible for the XJ220, working with a pre-production chassis number 004 for testing purposes. To whet your appetite, Bridgestone released a short teaser video showing what it has been working on.

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According to the company, the resulting tires are 255/45/17 up front and larger and much wider 345/55/18 in the rear. No performance figures have been announced yet, but you can expect more information from Bridgestone in the coming months.

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  • Ji Dosha

    Cause the car handled so badly when it first came out…