2018 Toyota Tundra Spied Sporting a Facelift


Toyota is readying some changes for its Tundra pickup.

Spied testing in southern California, the 2018 Toyota Tundra is expected to make its debut sometime this year sporting an updated front end to keep the truck fresh until the next-generation model arrives sometime around 2020. Given that only the front end is heavily camouflaged, it’s expected the updated Tundra will have less revisions than what it received for 2014.

But do expect to see a new grille, hood, headlights and revised trim pieces, while engine updates could also be in the works. There’s the possibility that the new 10-speed automatic transmission found in the Lexus LC and LS models could find its way to the Tundra, although it’s unclear if it will arrive now or with the next-generation model.

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The current second-generation Toyota Tundra was originally introduced at the 2006 Chicago Auto Show. It soldiered on until the 2013 Chicago Auto Show, where Toyota introduced the refreshed model with quite a few revisions. Expect the changes to the 2018 model to be more subtle and refined compared to the previous refresh.

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  • scott

    Toyota making Minor changes again.. 10 Years in and we have less options, less storage and higher cost..

    The only people who should buy a tundra at this point are those that absolutely need it for their work or business. I finally jumped ship last year.

    Perhaps I’ll take another look in 2020 or whenever they actually release a truck which is an upgrade from the 2007 that justifies the cost.

  • scott

    Yup! Agreed. How about a steel rear bumper? A folding rear seat to access that dead space, under rear seat storage. Oh … and that drivers side A-Pillar handle you took from us. And that cubby in the doors was awfully handy too. They trying to turn a truck into a grocery hauler.

  • homer52

    Huge downgrade in 2014. No auto lights in SR5, no auto wipers, not even a light in the damn glove box. Sorry, Titan > Tundra. Hopefully this new version offers some meaningful upgrades.

  • Debian Dog

    Guess i will be keeping my 2008 SR5 since is is still near perfect. it has a few dents but then again it is a truck.

  • Jeff

    Still no projector headlights?

  • Davy Crockett

    I jumped to the Ram 3500 4 months ago. Tired of waiting for Toyota to catch up again. I loved the truck but got tired of waiting and seeing the same ole thing every year. 2014 was a down grade for the truck. I think they were just giving it a refresh to hang on for a little longer. Sorry Toyota. You did it to yourself.

  • Davy Crockett

    The rear seats 2013 and before were great! 2014 definitely a down grade.

  • Tom

    Looks like a 2007 with a mask ! Let’s see some real change both inside and out !! It’s time for the Tundra to join the real world and catch up with the rest of the trucks !!!!

  • robotprom

    The hood bulge looks to be the same shape, which means the grill if anything, is cosmetically redesigned but has the same overall shape. Headlights look to the be same shape too. The bumper is the same, and all the body panels are the same too. Looks like it’ll be a minor cosmetic change if anything, not the redesign autoguide is trying to pretend it is.

  • Bob Ruggeri

    The gas mileage is way behind it’s competition also. Toyota, of all companies, can’t compete on gas mileage? WTF. Disappointed.

  • Brian Kelly

    I bought my 2003 Tundra sr5 v6 4×4 brand new and right off the lot.
    She is my baby. 30 MPG and never a single repair. 150K miles on all the original parts.Except tires and filters.
    Been waiting for Toyota to come out with something better and each time I stop by the dealership I get disappointed. A 2016 v64x4 Tundra gets 14 miles to a gallon. What the hell did they do?
    Guess I will go looking at the others and see what they have to offer.

  • John Judge

    My 2006 Tundra recently went down with a transmission problem (part of a known defect). When they lifted it to replace it the frame bent a little because of RUST. Another known defect and part of a class action lawsuit Toyota just lost. Sadly my truck was not covered, but I traded in to Toyota.

  • jerzeedivr

    How about a decent Sound System that actually sounds good??? Because my 2015 has a piece of Junk!!! Sounds like Crap!!!!!!!

  • Superslif

    What about a drive-train improvement to nudge the MPG and the towing capacity. Yes, the 10 speed tranny can only help. On my 14′ I find it doesn’t like to “free-wheel” at times. I have to manually down-shift manually to fake it out to drop the RPM’s which help mileage a little. With most cab configurations limiting towing to 9500-9900 lbs, would sure be nice to get that up to the 10,500 – 11k area. With the diesel never happening, it limits me on the next RV trailer I want to buy.

  • Superslif

    Agreed, I had to move up to the Limited to get the options that used to be on the SR5. I have no issues with my 14′ Tundra, took me and my RV trailer to Alaska last summer, but the generation 2’s are behind the 8 ball.

  • Alex

    Toyota gave the Tundra enough balls to tow the space shuttle, that’s what they did.

  • Gymdawg

    WOW! Never ever buy a Dodge

  • Gymdawg


  • Gymdawg

    No joke!

  • Ancap

    I love how people complain about how Toyota needs to “catch up”. When was Toyota the fastest to market with everything? Never. When they do something, it’s usually top drawer. If they are planning a completely new Tundra for 2020, it will be the best pickup out there.

    I haven’t seen a half ton yet that is better than my 07 Tundra. I bought a 16 Tundra last January. Better than any of the big 3 offers. They aren’t even comparable until you get to 3/4 tons. When you get there the fuel mileage is comparable or worse.

    I tow a 12,000lb mini-ex with mine all the time. I added some hellwig auxiliary springs to the rear for $150. Rides like stock when empty but handles 2,000lbs more load. I’d like a diesel, but not enough to buy a rattle body Ford, Chevy, or Ram.

    Take a test drive in one of the big three pickups with 50,000 miles on it. Then when you get back in your 150,000 mile Tundra, you will appreciate the quality much more.

  • Guenther Wilke

    My 2wd 03 V6 never bested 21mpg- and that’s rolling across northern Ohio at 60mph.

  • NoQDR Tundra

    In ’07: “The Tundra, the truck that’s changing it all”
    In ’17: “The Tundra, the truck that’s not changing at all”.

  • Felix James

    LOL. Sad but true.

  • Raffro

    For all the Ford haters – do a search on frame deflection between the Silverado, Tundra and F150. You’ll see why the F150 is king. Now I know that doesn’t mean much to a whole class of truck owners but to those that need a truck as a worker, it does. Not a toyota hater here either. If they came out with a small diesel I’d be all over it.