Aston Martin’s New Hypercar Will Ditch its Boring Name

Aston Martin’s New Hypercar Will Ditch its Boring Name

Aston Martin’s latest high-speed creation, the AM-RB 001, will keep its insane design, but it won’t keep its name. 

At the North American debut of the lightweight hypercar during the 2017 Toronto Auto Show, Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer joked about the alphanumeric name, reassuring the crowd that it won’t stay that way.

“I promise you, we’ll change the name,” said Palmer. He also confirmed that prototypes of the car will be on the road testing before the end of 2017, while deliveries are still planned to begin in 2018. A total of between 99 and 150 of these machines will be produced, including 25 track-only variants.

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The car was put together in partnership with famous F1 designer Adrian Newey, will pack a naturally aspirated V12 and a 1:1 power-to-weight ratio.

As for what the name will be, it remains a mystery. Aston has DB11 through DB14 trademarked, but that nameplate doesn’t make sense for the new hypercar. Considering the tie-in with Red Bull Racing, it could be someone related to the energy drink company. Or it could be something new altogether.

We reached out the Andy Palmer on Twitter to ask about the name, but he remained tight-lipped.

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