Forget the Wrangler Pickup, This is the Truck Jeep Needs to Make

Forget the Wrangler Pickup, This is the Truck Jeep Needs to Make

In the perfect world, this Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT Hellcat pickup truck would be real.

The render was created by RC-Workchop, giving us an idea of how a Jeep Grand Cherokee sporting a bed would look like – and we can’t help but wonder why Jeep isn’t considering a Grand Cherokee pickup variant. The image also gives us an idea of what the Jeep Grand Cherokee Hellcat could look like, a model that the American automaker is developing with its potent 6.2-liter supercharged V8 engine pushing 707 horsepower.

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Up front, the Grand Cherokee SRT Hellcat has a much more aggressive fascia and a large hood scoop to help keep the supercharged engine at optimal temperature. The flared arches look natural to the body, as well as its massive wheels and sharp red brakes. The red accents up front are a nice touch as well.

Considering how popular the Ford F-150 Raptor is for off-roaders, perhaps one day Jeep will consider a more full-size pickup truck for its lineup. Especially one with a 707-hp Hellcat engine under the hood.

[Source: RC-Workchop Facebook]

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  • gman4444


  • Tim Williams

    That would look great with my mullet.

    Oh, wait, that’s right; mullets are stupid. And so is the concept of a fast truck. That’s why the NASCAR truck series races on Friday night and the only ones who watch have passes for the whole weekend.

    The Wrangler pickup will fill a gap in the FCA product line, left by the demise of the Dakota. It will bring better off-road capability to the mid-size truck market than any other automaker currently offers, essentially being a mini Power Wagon, as I’m sure there will be a Rubicon version.

    But a Grand Cherokee pickup is just stupid.

  • James

    A unibody truck based on something that is already ugly? No thanks.

  • WayneEDay

    “Considering how popular the Ford F-150 Raptor is for off-roaders..”

    Laugh laugh laugh laugh.

  • me mine

    omg – stop smoking crack – it was a mistake for the ford sport track, honda ridgeline, even the avalanche – smaller versions like the brat, each and everyone a useless half way vehicle – seriously how does this type of design get out of design room – the camino was a similar version (down under the utes are viewed differently – sell it there) – half truck half car – make up your mind – buy 1 and then rent the truck when you need it – or heck buy a beater and leave it in garage until the twice a year you decide to run for fertilizer and don’t want to ruin your trunk…

  • Christopher Luth

    Will they call it the “scrambler SRT RT SVRT VT?”

  • Hemi

    That looks terrible. those fancy pickups have been tried before (Lincoln, Chevy) and are a proven failure.

    Where’s a working man’s pickup?

  • Laundru Patton

    Yuck! A high performance pickup will not bring profit. Try to stick with the masses. Double cab, family friendly, modest fuel economy, utilitarian, off raid capable model, good price point, quality, durability, ohh that’s all the Honda Ridgeline except the off road capable. FCA you better make that Jeep right. The Ford Ranger will be in the spot light around 2019. I just saying.

  • Heavydutydan

    Stop praising junk like this just because it potentially could have 707 HP. There’s more to a good truck than big power.



  • Dean Hebert

    “a large hood scoop to help keep the supercharged engine at optimal temperature” — no, that’s not what a hood scoop is for.

  • James

    Are you mentally challenged or are you just plain incompetent?

  • D3Seeker

    How about you just start at the utilitarian…. please, Maybe the modest fuel economy. The family friendly can be optional depending on individual needs.

  • D3Seeker

    We have those already

  • VulpineMac

    I could definitely go for this but I certainly don’t need a supercharged engine. I’d be quite happy with the NA Pentastar or a turbo 2.5 under the hood.

  • VulpineMac

    Not all “working men” need a road whale™ of a pickup. What we need is a true compact pickup for those who need an open bed but also need something small enough to maneuver in tight quarters.

  • Hatterasman

    This is what happens when a generation of idiots takes over the auto industry. What ever happened to real pickup trucks, you know… trucks that actually had a usable bed? Sorry, but these tiny little beds that the auto industry has forced upon consumers are next to worthless. These so-called “pickups” today are nothing more than SUVs with a little bed added to the back. Give me a real pickup with an eight foot bed.

  • Joe

    This guys a crackhead wow.. very ugly….now a silverado ss is a different question

  • stephen citron

    JUST DUMB!! The Jeep will fil the area that so many of us need a smaller, but still capable pickup. I can only hope that FCA can see the way clear to offer it in diesel, and must have a decent 4wd system. I do hear that they are considering IFS though? Hmmmmm. Questions there.

  • Scott Brooks

    I HATE that Grand Cherokee pickup concept. With a passion. As in “Kill it. Killer with fire!”

    But . . .

    You throw the word “Hellcat” in ANY name and I’m now intrigued. Build it! Make a Hellcat powered version of EVERYTHING! Gimme a Hellcat Dart! A Hellcat Wrangler! Make up a new name, just put a Hellcat in it! (And then don’t make me have to take out a second mortgage to buy it).