Latest Dodge Demon Teaser Hints at Car’s ‘Dual Purpose’

Latest Dodge Demon Teaser Hints at Car’s ‘Dual Purpose’

Looking to scare the Hell(cat) out of muscle car competitors, Dodge has just released the latest installment of its 12-part series leading up to the debut of the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon.

The video is titled “Crate” and now we know that each Demon will come with a treasure chest full of tools and parts. It hints that the upcoming muscle car will have dual identities: a hardcore drag car and a street-legal road warrior. So far, we know that the Dodge Demon will be a single-seat, rear-drive, stripped-out muscle car with fat drag radials on all four corners, and that it will be more than 200 pounds lighter than the regular Hellcat.

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Here’s what Dodge said in a press release about this new video teaser:

The Challenger SRT Demon provides a platform from which each customer can design their own ultimate “Street/Strip” muscle car. It’s not intended for a road course; rather, each customer can decide at the time of order, or once they own the car, or even on a moment’s notice that they want their car to favor street performance, drag strip performance or something in between. The key is building in the capability and flexibility and then giving the customer access to the right gear for the job.”

Luckily, Dodge tells us what’s in the secret crate: “18 components that maximize the Challenger SRT Demon’s flexibility, exclusivity, and future collectability.” Some of those components include Demon-branded track tools, Demon spare wheels (they look quite skinny, which is perfect for using on the front while drag racing), Direct Connection Demon Performance Parts, and Demon Track Pack System. We can assume that this means the car will come with parts that will help drivers make the switch from drag car to street-legal monster.

With this week’s teaser package, Dodge also released an image of a personalized badge that will likely be affixed to each Demon crate. The serial number is 0757, which could allude to a horsepower or torque figure (a 50 hp increase over the Hellcat), but what does the 01121 VIN mean? Tom Coddington is a famous drag racer that was part of the Ramchargers team in the 1960s.


The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon will debut at the New York Auto Show in April.

Watch the entire series of videos released below. The most recent video is No. 4 on the list.

  • windel Vernon

    They should have tried a different Demon representation. That one is old already.

  • Header Orange R/T

    is that a 1/4 mile time? 11.21

  • kaffekup

    Lotta hype for a niche vehicle. A small niche, at that.