Listen to Ferrari’s New Formula 1 Car Tear up the Track

Listen to Ferrari’s New Formula 1 Car Tear up the Track

The 2017 Ferrari Formula 1 SF70 H has begun testing.

The Italian automaker took the covers off its new race car at its Fiorano test track, where drivers Sebastian Vettel and Kimi Raikkonen began testing. Ferrari hopes it can put an end to Mercedes-Benz’s dominance this season. The last time the company won the Constructors’ Championship was in 2008 and despite an encouraging 2015 campaign, Ferrari regressed after failing to win a single race.

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This year’s Formula 1 race cars will feature a variety of changes, as we saw with the unveiling of the Williams Mercedes FW40. Ferrari has incorporated a mini spoiler across the top of the engine cover, something that will become common on many of the 2017 race cars. In a statement, Ferrari explained how the lengthened nose and the arrow-shaped wing area are a result of the new rules, along with the obvious fin on the engine cover and the more complex aero appendages ahead of the air intakes on the sidepods. The company added the “unusual shape was designed in harmony with the front crash structure.”

The suspension layout has also been updated, but still retains a push rod design at the front and pull rods at the rear. Ferrari redesigned the hubs and wheel nuts to make it quicker for pit stops. And since the team expects increased performance this year, it upsized the power steering and braking systems.

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  • Emperius

    Disappointing on looks and sound. Instead of form following function, its function following form.

  • Drew Bailey

    what the fuck are you on about?

  • Emperius


  • Jonny_Vancouver

    One of the best sights & sounds in the world has to be F1 cars going around a track. So. Good. I sorely miss the days when the Indy races visited my city.