Top 5 Craziest Porsche Spoilers, According to Porsche


Porsche wants to prove that its wild rear wings have a real purpose and aren’t just for show.

As part of its Top 5 series, the German automaker has released a video showcasing the wildest spoilers and rear wings it has ever created. And while the aftermarket has made large spoilers seem silly, they do play an integral part in aerodynamics. To prove Porsche’s spoilers are more function than form, the automaker enlisted the help of Norbert Singer, former race director, to explain their benefits.

Each vehicle’s spoiler is also showcased in one of the world’s most powerful wind tunnels, illustrating just how much downforce is being produced.

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  • smartacusⓊ

    Honorable Mention to the 1999 996.1 GT3 forward swept bi-wing.
    That thing was thinking outside the box and was aesthetically pleasing.

    Come to think of it; it was almost as iconic as the whale tail.