President Trump’s New Limo Spied Looking Yuge


The Cadillac One presidential limo has been spied in its final form.

Originally believed to debut at the inauguration in January, President Donald Trump’s new ride likely won’t go into service for another few months. Extensive camouflage is still being used on the car, but it sports design cues from the CT6 and Escalade models, especially up front. And thanks to the two Chevrolet Suburbans parked next to it, we get a good idea of just how big — um, yuge — the Beast is.

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Unfortunately, there are very little details available about the new Cadillac One, so there’s not much to share (unless we were in the business of reporting alternative facts or fake news). It is likely riding on a custom-built, heavy-duty chassis and it’s unlikely it is using any form of electrification. Keep in mind the presidential limo weighs significantly more than a standard vehicle, due to all the ballistic and armor protection necessary to keep the President safe. It’s basically a tank on wheels and it’s starting to look like one.

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  • Eco Bust

    Yuge, but not enough to hold both his incompetence and his ego.

  • FishsticksForMe

    No surprise it’s white.