Watch the 2019 Toyota Supra Drifting in the Snow


Spy photographers have caught the new Toyota Supra on video playing in the snow. 

Rumor has it the new Toyota Supra will make its debut this October at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show. And by the looks of how recent testing has been going, that rumor could be true.

Engineers took the Supra’s successor out on frozen test tracks, putting the prototype through its paces as it tears up some big drifts. The video also gives us a great opportunity to hear the exhaust note of the upcoming sports car.

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Toyota has kept the new Supra mostly a mystery, but we do know it will ride on a shared platform with the BMW Z5. BMW was also out testing its sports car in the snow, set apart by the BMW’s soft top convertible roof.

The two automakers collaborated on the platform, with the Supra to be sold exclusively as a coupe, while the Z5 will be only a convertible. It’s still unclear what will power the Supra, but spy photographers have heard prototypes roaming around emitting no engine noise, suggesting that a hybrid powertrain is a possibility with an all-electric driving mode.

We expect to hear and see plenty more of the Supra and Z5 in the coming months, especially if Toyota is getting ready to debut it in Tokyo this year.

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  • Tuan Cao

    Kinda sounds like a M2 too me.

  • Emperius

    Ugly, deigned by passion-less students of indoctrinated Marxist universities of U.S. and Europe. Men “designers” with a few click on AutoCad and little testosterone, Women with feminist ideologies and 0 passion and knowledge on Women’s beauty translated to vehicle design unlike 20th century men designing cars and a women’s body in mind. Humans across vehicle manufacturers are, sadly, though identity crisis. MKIV Supra is a timeless feminine design that will last ages.

  • Espnrefugee0218

    Scrap it , remake it with a 2jz

  • Hermann

    Looks like a BMW, even sounds like one. Worst deal Toyota ever did, cooperating with the most unreliable German manufacturer. I always hated them, thats why I changed to Toyota after wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars on their crap breaking down on me.

    And now this…
    Ill stick to my MKIV, which is still more reliable and more beautiful than any new BMW garbage, thank you.

  • Tim Turley

    I completely agree Hermann… I bought a 2001 Corolla and a 2001 BMW 330i brand new 15 years ago… I have only changed the belt and done routine maintenance on the Corolla in its 200K miles, while the 330i with only 78K miles has had to replace leaky power steering hoses, blown expansion tank, valve cover gasket, oil filter housing gasket, and above all, it burns oil due to low-tension oil rings…. BMW makes nice looking cars on the outside, but they are total crap under the hood. You would think a company that started as a “motor” development company could get it right. My next car is a Toyota. Also, I had a ’89 VW Jetta MkII VW with a 1.8L and that thing was built like a tank, just sold it couple years ago, but I loved that little thing.

  • Tim Turley

    Looks very similar to the Toyota 86, but probably has a twin-turbo inline-6 from the Lexus.

  • Benjamin A. Misegades

    The rumors were that it would use a BMW-sourced, turbocharged inline-6. The current turbo-6’s used by BMW are strong motors (though I’ve heard the peripherals aren’t) and would be a good match. However, from listening to this video, the car we’re watching driving around in the snow very much sounds like a 4-cylinder.

  • oplease19

    I still find it mindboggling that Toyota, the richest car company in the world, with a long history of building ultra-reliable cars in EVERY category, including sports cars, would penny-pinch by using a BMW engine. BMW engines are unreliable, and BMWs are cars for pretentious twits.

  • Catherine Chandler

    Uh, sounds like you’re the one with the crisis O_o

  • sv218

    I’m sure the chasis will be great but I’m definitely concerned at this point about the engine choice – not for the power it will make but for it’s reliability/maintenance costs.

  • Shawn

    Looks exactly like a Scion FRS,Toyota 86,Subaru BRZ. I hope that’s not the new Supra.

  • Tim Turley

    If it’s in the 350 hp range, it will be the 6-inline twin-turbo currently in the BMW 335… It’s a good engine block, but everything around it is a POS– I hope Toyota uses their own I-6 and add a twin-turbo, or use the flat-4 in the Toytoa 86 (a Suub engine) with a twin-turbo…

  • Benjamin A. Misegades

    Does Toyota even have an I-6 anywhere in their current lineup any more?

    I have my doubts that they’d use a 4-cylinder in a halo/flagship car, I’d be less surprised if they went the Nissan route and built a twin-turbo mill based around the architecture of an already-in-production V6.

  • Benjamin A. Misegades

    I had to look it up…The Lexus IS cars come with either a Turbo I-4 or a NA V6

  • txsupra11
  • txsupra11
  • Eugene Powers

    But, BMW is THE ultimate driving machine. 🙂