A LaFerrari Could be Crushed Because its Owner Doesn’t Want to Pay Import Taxes


It’s a sad story for one of the world’s finest machines.

According to South African news service Fin 24, a LaFerrari owner has tried to smuggle his car into the country twice and it has now been seized by the government, again. The first time, the owner tried to sneak the car into the country in 2014, but couldn’t pay the necessary customs duties and VAT, even though they could afford the multi-million dollar exotic.

At that point, the LaFerrari sat in a bonded warehouse for three years since the owner couldn’t finalize the required customs processes.

In February however, the owner submitted an export declaration to take the car to the Democratic Republic of Congo through Beitbridge border post. Except a day later, the owner drove it right back through the same border post in hopes of getting it into South Africa. Sounds silly? It is, especially if the owner was hoping to trick the border patrol into thinking it’s another LaFerrari in the country.

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After the failed second attempt, the LaFerrari has been detained and a letter of intent has been issued to the owner. If they are unable to go through the proper channels to have it imported, the LaFerrari will be crushed.

Jalopnik reports another issue with the car besides not paying for the import taxes is that the LaFerrari is a left-hand-drive model. Those vehicles have been illegal in South Africa since 2004.

[Source: Fin 24 via Jalopnik]

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  • Artem

    And the funny thing is, this is exactly how a lot of owners of exotic cars are. They somehow can afford to buy or lease the vehicles but can’t afford maintenance or taxes. LOL.

    I’m surprised that Ferrari themselves hasn’t stepped in, in an effort to save the car if it’s in danger of being destroyed. What a sad day that will be if those idiots at the boarder will actually ruin 1.5 million dollars worth of Ferrari for no good reason.