The Dodge Demon Will Have a Totally Unique Cooling System

The Dodge Demon Will Have a Totally Unique Cooling System

FCA has just released the 12th video in its drawn out tease of the upcoming Dodge Challenger SRT Demon.

This latest video, called “No Ice,” puts the spotlight on the drag racing muscle car’s cooled air induction system. Dodge says the cooling system will help the “engine perform like it is running in the cold Alaskan air, even after a day of runs down the strip on a hot summer day.”

Dodge says the supercharged Demon is the first factory production car to have a liquid-to-air charge air cooler chiller system. In Drag mode, the Demon’s cabin air conditioning system is diverted to chill the engine’s charge air cooling system instead, which results in the intake air temperature dropping by up to 45 degrees F.

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This video doesn’t seem to be as cryptic as the other ones, but let us know if you catch an Easter Egg. We know so far that the Demon, which is based on the Hellcat, will be a dual purpose drag and street legal muscle car with an insane quarter-mile time. It will also come with a chest of tools, the industry’s biggest hood scoop, and a bunch of other goodies designed for straight-line speed.

And the slow tease is still not over. There will be two more video teasers before the car actually debuts fully on April 11.

Watch the latest Dodge Demon teaser video below:

Watch the whole series of Dodge Demon teaser videos in this playlist: