Ford Performance is Considering Making Hot SUVs

Ford Performance is Considering Making Hot SUVs

The Ford Performance brand could spread some of its secret sauce to the brand’s SUVs. 

Ford performance chief Dave Pericak told cardealermagazine that there is “an opportunity” in the hot SUV and crossover market for Ford, and that they would definitely consider an RS-branded SUV if “you did what you needed to do to make it perform the way that an RS should.”

Ford has a range of products to choose from if they do make the choice to install on RS badge on an SUV. It could fall on the Escape, Explorer or even the new EcoSport when it arrives. And it seems Pericak is confident that the blue oval brand can do it better than its competitors.

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“If you look at the SUV market right now, there aren’t too many credible performance SUVs out there,” he said. “There are people who have made partial attempts at it and there are different things that have happened, but there are no real credible ones. So, I think that’s an area of some opportunity, for sure.”

Besides the willingness to do it, Ford has plenty of turbocharged Ecoboost engines that provide plenty of power, so powertrain development wouldn’t be an issue.

[Source: Car Dealer Magazine]

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