Gran Turismo Wants to Ruin Your Summer…

Gran Turismo Wants to Ruin Your Summer…

It’s been a long three years of waiting, delays, and more waiting, but finally the next installment in the Gran Turismo series is (nearly) here.

Just in time to keep you glued to your flat screen this summer, Gran Turismo Sport has just been released in closed beta form to a select group of PlayStation 4 users, a sure sign that release is imminent after the game’s launch date was pushed from 2016 into 2017.

Invites to test the beta were only given to gamers in the United States as the Gran Turismo team aims to collect data and fine tune the game’s final development. Hard-core hopefuls were given the chance to sign up for the game’s beta, although that didn’t guarantee you would get it. PlayStation, however, is offering a subsequent signup for future updates, which indicates a second beta phase is likely.


The Gran Turismo team also took the opportunity to release several screen shots of gameplay, plus player profile details and a new trailer. Driver and Sportsmanship ratings will pull information from your driving characteristics in order to better match abilities for improved online racing.

Polyphony and Playstation have outdone themselves on the graphics side, just check out this in-game capture one of the beta players posted to YouTube:

There is no official release date yet, but one Finnish retailer claims the game will be here before May 2017. Regardless, expect Gran Turismo Sport to hit stores before the year’s over.