Here’s a Reminder on the Limitations of Tesla’s Autopilot

Here’s a Reminder on the Limitations of Tesla’s Autopilot

Drivers still need to pay attention to what’s coming up on roadways.

Following an accident, a Tesla Model S posted on Reddit that his car crashed while on Autopilot, describing the accident as the misreading of the road, leading to his car hitting a barrier. The owner said Autopilot was on and never gave him a warning and thankfully no one was hurt in the accident. A few days later, another Reddit user shared dash cam footage of the accident that was taken from a vehicle driving behind the Tesla Model S when the accident occurred.

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The footage shows that the Model S needed to merge or change lanes in order to avoid hitting a barrier, something the system didn’t do. What’s also evident is that the white lines on the roadway are improperly marked, possibly misleading Autopilot into believe it was traveling the way it should. In fact, the vehicle with the dash cam also appears to make a quick movement to avoid the barrier as a result of the road’s design.

[Source: Reddit]

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  • Artem

    Aren’t there suppose to be sensors in the front bumper that should have detected the barrier as a foreign object on the road and cause the car to try and avoid a collision???

    I didn’t know that these cars are programmed to just BLINDLY travel down the road in a pre-programmed path and not actually scan the road ahead for hazards…. sad.

  • Tony

    Lol all that money spent how sad