Jeep is Teasing Two 2017 Easter Jeep Safari Concepts

Jeep is Teasing Two 2017 Easter Jeep Safari Concepts

The Easter Jeep Safari is almost upon us again, and like always, Jeep will roll out some unique concept vehicles to celebrate the event.

The two concepts seen in the photos are known as the Jeep Quicksand and the Jeep Switchback, just two of the new vehicles that will head to Moab this year to hit the trails.

The Easter Jeep Safari concepts are always heavily modified versions of existing Jeep vehicles, built to show off the capabilities of the brand and also to showcase many Mopar add-on parts. For example, last year we saw the Jeep Trailcat, a Wrangler fitted with a Hellcat engine.

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The Jeep® Quicksand is one of several new concepts the Jeep® a

There are usually six or seven concepts in total. Make sure you return to AutoGuide on Thursday Mar. 30, to see all of the concepts live from their unveil in Detroit.

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