Mercedes-AMG GT Concept is the Sexy 4-Door the Panamera Never Was


Although the Porsche Panamera looks better now than it ever has, it still can’t touch a new concept from Mercedes in terms of sex appeal.

Debuting at the Geneva Motor Show, the Mercedes-AMG GT Concept is what happens when you take the already stunning AMG GT sports car and add two more doors. Getting the proportions just right and adding a fastback design, this four-door coupe looks promising, and although it is just a concept made in celebration of Mercedes-AMG’s 50th anniversary, it hints at what Mercedes has planned for its upcoming Porsche Panamera fighter.

One key aspect of this Mercedes-AMG GT Concept (besides the fact that it has four doors) is the EQ Power+ designation, which confirms that the German sports car brand is looking at electrification and hybrdization for its future models. All performance hybrids from AMG will carry this EQ Power+ designation.

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This concept uses a unique combination of a gas-powered 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8, a high-performance electric motor, and a powerful yet lightweight battery to get a total system output of 805 horsepower. The concept can be driven in full electric mode, full gas mode, or as a hybrid and uses F1-derived technology. Mercedes-AMG expects the car, which they call a “four-door sports car,” to hit 60 mph in under three seconds.

The concept takes a lot of technology and design from the racing-inspired AMG GT R like the centrally mounted exhaust and active radiator shutters. The side mirrors have also been replaced by cameras, a lot of carbon fiber is used, and the concept gets high-tech, three-dimensional animated headlights. The Mercedes-AMG GT Concept is all-wheel drive, with the rear wheels being powered by the electric motor. Torque vectoring will also help handling and maneuverability.

Expect a production version of the Mercedes-AMG GT Concept to debut sometime next year.

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  • Jack Woodburn

    Gorgeous wheels and awesome technology. But the basic shape of this car and the Panamerica 4 door sedan are reverting to the ancient Mercury Sable “used bar of soap” design. Who knew Ford’s designers were so far ahead of their time? LOL

  • Visionery1 .

    Sadly this car’s value will plummet like a falling meteorite as soon as it leaves the showroom, accelerating at the speed of light once it’s out of the maintenance plan. One only has to look at previous models for examples of this trend.

  • JW203L

    Wasn’t too bad until I saw the rear end. That’s hideous, especially with the awkward center exhaust.

  • Kent San

    It does best the Panamera…but that’s not really saying much. Small consolation that one girl at the prom is uglier than your date.

  • Kent San

    In other words…all cars.

  • DerKommissar

    But to an extreme degree with high spec and AMG Mercs. The depreciation tends to seem rocket assisted. Once they exceed warranty coverage even modest mechanical issues can render the cars totalled. Just drive till it breaks and scrap it.

  • DerKommissar

    I was ok with it until I saw the bunghole staring at me from the rearend. God almighty.

  • Steve Colton

    Agree on the center exhaust. Just wrong. Rest is OK for a concept. Expect many details to morph for production.

  • Jim Farnsworth

    Have to agree with the bung hole, a tail above would complete the picture. The rear view side cameras look like a generic add on from China and the attempt to suggest a rear spoiler looks like a committe decision. But then who am I to critique, best left to someone who could actually afford the price of admission and upkeep.

  • MC2

    800bhp is well beyond ridiculous. Where’s that need coming from? Where are you going to use even half of it?

  • Visionery1 .

    The super rich are the only ones to benefit from these cars… they buy them new, drive them for 6-12 months, get rid of them and buy the next model. The fact that they throw away hundreds of thousands each time doesn’t bother them, there’s plenty more where that came from. When it comes to impressing the neighbours and boosting their ego it’s a small price to pay.

  • Quizicat

    The pair of bungholes in the front are every bit as bad along with the 1953 Buick grill.

  • Quizicat

    With the smooth lines in the rear, that exhaust clashes and looks like a tow hitch receiver.

  • Thomas Kline

    You sound bitter.

  • Kevin

    A little overkill with the exterior photos, wouldn’t you say? What does the interior look like? Because, you’re going to spend more time looking at the inside, then the outside.

  • Visionery1 .

    Not bitter, just not willing to throw away hundreds of thousands. My money can be better invested in assets such as property. Are you willing to open your window and shovel the money out into the wind?

  • Delcy Voisine

    A better term for that monstrosity on the rear is a rectum (others use other words for it) and should be eliminated even on the model(s), surely on production cars. The tail lights and rounded back end look a lot like the Genesis G35 NY City Concept. That is one gorgeous car.

  • Delcy Voisine

    I don’t envy them for buying one and the least of their concern about such a purchase is the depreciation factor. All such vehicles are not used for travel and spend little time on the road. Like wearing exceedingly expensive jewelry by mi-lady — nice to own but for infrequent display.