Next-Gen Nissan Leaf Debuting this September


Nissan is offering quite the incentive to retain Leaf owners when its second-generation model arrives.

The official Nissan EV Twitter account has confirmed the all-new Leaf model will be revealed in September before heading to dealerships before the end of the year. And to entice current Leaf owners to move onto the next-generation model, the automaker is offering them the ability to extend their current leases and even get three months of courtesy payments. In addition, it appears they will have priority for getting on a list for the new model.

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Not much is known about the next-generation Leaf, but the company promises it will reveal more information in the coming months. Rumors say it will offer over 200 miles of range and its styling will borrow cues from both the Friend ME Concept and the IDS Concept. Last year, Nissan’s global director of electric vehicle engineering, Kazuo Yajima, said that a new 60-kWh battery pack will be used on the next-gen Leaf so that it can offer between 210 to 220 miles of all-electric range on a single charge.

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  • Mec-One

    Might consider it if it offers 200 mile range. I’ll be able to travel to work all week on a single charge.