Someone Actually Used Mustang Leather in a Ford Mustang


PETA might want to have a word concerning this Ford Mustang.

European-based tuner Vilner has a division in China called Vilner Beijing. That shop was approached by a customer with a controversial project: “This is a real Mustang, I want the leather to be from a mustang as well.” And that wasn’t all, the customer wanted it complete with the hair from a mustang.

As a result, the team decided it was most appropriate to use the “hairy” leather bits for the sides of the seats in the cabin, while the rest was also wrapped in horse leather entirely by hand. The seats were then further accented by Bordeaux red stitching, while the seat belts and the seams around the handbrake were also wrapped in mustang leather.

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The rest of the interior received a less-offensive fabric, with Alcantara covering the door panels, dash and steering wheel.

Something tells us this project wouldn’t be well-received in North America…

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  • Kamaka

    I’m not disgusted it’s horse leather, I’m disgusted it’s an automatic.

  • G Guillemette

    I am not sure – maybe if the Mustang died naturally, but if the horses were slaughtered just for leather for a car, then this is just wrong.