Dodge Demon Even Takes Uconnect to New Performance Levels


Dodge has previewed how its Uconnect will be useful to Challenger SRT Demon owners.

The ninth video in the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon pre-reveal teaser campaign is titled “Performance Pages,” and showcases how the Uconnect system and its 8.4-inch touchscreen will provide real-time graphic display of data like engine horsepower, torque, engine oil pressure and temperature, coolant temperature, transmission fluid temperature, intake air temperature, air-fuel ratio, intercooler coolant temperature, boost pressure and battery voltage.

The power levels can be data recorded to track performance gains from changes, like the use of the Direct Connection Performance Parts. The American automaker also confirmed the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon sports the first-ever factory production car After-Run Chiller, which keeps the cooling fan and intercooler pump running after engine shutdown until a targeted temperature is reached.

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The Performance Pages feature will also have driver-selectable line-lock, rpm-adjustable launch control and by-individual-gear-adjustable shift light in the instrument cluster. There are also timers for reaction time, 0-60 mph, 0-100 mph, eighth-mile and quarter-mile elapsed time and vehicle speed, as well as display of instantaneous and peak lateral and longitudinal g-forces.

Drivers will be able to select from three different driving modes: Auto (Street), Drag and Custom. Each mode features a plethora of options, ranging from suspension feel and response to traction control and transmission shifting speed and firmness. Nearly every combination of options available can be configured in the Custom mode. For example, a driver could select the elements of Drag Mode related to engine and transmission performance, but could select Sport Mode for the suspension and steering.

The Dodge Challenger SRT Demon will make its debut on Tuesday, April 11, so you can expect a few more teasers leading up to its unveiling.

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  • Scott L (Sailingmagnus)

    Yeah UConnect sounds cool until you find out you have to pay $15/month for the features they entice you with. Have 2016 Hellcat Challenger that after first year trial expiration they try to get you to pay $15/month for Uconnect Access and $50/month for a Wifi plan if you want your car to be a wifi hotspot…..but why you smart phone already does all of this this. They offer a nice voice to text feature but only if you pay. Instead they have you look at the infotainment system to pick a pre-defined message to respond to incoming texts. The Performance pages are all part of uConnect Access so enjoy em while you got em they will disappear eventually. All the performance counters are available in the dashboard driver info center.