Toyota Supra Spied Up Close Revealing More Details


Spy photographers have managed to get up close and personal with the new Toyota Supra.

Unfortunately the Supra is still wearing plenty of camouflage, but this time we get detailed photos of the tail lights that slightly resemble the previous Supra’s units with round housings. It’s still hard to pick out details on the upcoming sports car, but we will finally get the full picture when it bows at the 2017 Tokyo Motor Show this October.

Riding on a platform that’s the result of a collaboration between BMW and Toyota, the new Supra will only be offered as a coupe while the BMW Z5 will be a convertible.

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It’s still unclear what powertrain Toyota will use on its Supra, but it’s possible the Japanese automaker will turn to BMW’s turbocharged engines. If not, expect to see a turbocharged V6 from Toyota that may be further boosted with electrification.

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  • smartacusⓊ

    somehow i doubt Toyota provided the engine.

  • Joseph2 supramolecular a diff

    Toyota Motors. I’ve always owned a Supra so if this new one I’m seeing doesn’t offer anything special and I’m truly not seeing anything to rant and rave over. Just do not offer it too the public because it will do nothing but flop. Get with it and offer us something like Nissan did with the GTR. So far as what I can see, it’s a complete failure and I love the Supra dynasty. Just being honest!

  • craigcole

    Looks like an old Mitsubishi 3000GT…

  • JamesB

    Yamaha did the LFA engine. Subaru builds the GT86. BMW is building this car. Toyota’s main contribution to this project is funding. To call this a “Toyota Supra” is an embarassment. And in 3-5 years when they start to have BMW reliability problems (just as the GT86’s have Subaru problems) the uninformed owners will say “I thought this was a Toyota”. Nope. I wonder who they’ll give the MR2 reboot to? Alfa Romeo or Fiat are known for their roadsters, I’m sure Toyota can get them to make a reliable one.

    I’m patiently waiting on the S2000 reboot, at least Honda still does their own sportscars.

  • Bruce

    Looks like junk.. Something radical is needed to pull Toyota back into the ring not just some cookie cutter Z4 wagon looking trash that Toyota is not even building.. C’mon guys!! When the MR2, Celica, and Supra reined everyone wanted one.. Who would want this hum drum garbage??? MKIV will always be the pinnacle of the Supra legacy.. End of story..

  • NewGuy

    What “Subaru problems” does the GT86 have?

  • Mark Morales

    Looks like an ugly z-model BMW more than a Supra. Hopefully it is a BWM not a Supra, before they ruin the Supra badge.

  • Ji Dosha

    Fiat got their roadster from Mazda so it will be somewhat reliable.

  • Jermaine Jones

    Certainly not the car I fell in love with 3/4 years ago. Also I am getting nervous that the longer it takes to come out the more chance the power will not be up to GTR levels and not do very well. Also Toyota has a history of overcharging so the car will be way overpriced.

  • Bob Edwards

    Looks like a fastback version of the gt86/frs/brz. Seems like exactly the same platform with visual tweeks and probly turbos

  • Riiiiick

    +1, please explain with sources.

  • Jack Woodburn

    The bean counters sure massacred the design of the concept. It’s painfully watered down….yuk.

  • Matt

    It’s clearly built on a whole new platform. This has been stated over and over.

  • Matt

    The power won’t be up to GTR levels and it won’t be anywhere near GTR price either but it will be much lighter anyway. I like it. Looks like an evolution of the JZA80 just the way it should be.

  • Matt

    Yamaha designed the head. Just like they did for 1jz/2jz engines and many Toyota’s over the years. They might be collaborating with BMW on this but I’ll put money on the engine and chassis coming out of Toyota factories.

  • Perry F. Bruns

    I see hints of the classic Mazda RX-7 in the front angle of the B-pillar and the rear proportions. I only get a sense of 3000GT-ness up front.

  • smartacusⓊ

    it reminds me of a 240z

  • Perry F. Bruns

    I can definitely see that too. Part of it, I think, is that small sport coupes will often have similar proportions just based on the packaging needs of such a car.

    And of course, with the Van Gogh Monochrome spy camouflage covering the car, who knows what’s underneath?

  • Bob Edwards

    Im sure your right. Just from the looks,window angle, wheelbase,tires stuff like that it looks dam close

  • Jonny_Vancouver

    The shape looks like the last Supra.

  • Randy Garrison

    I suspect this joke of a car will only cause the MKIV Supra to only increase in value. What a horrible thing that’s supposed to be a final version of such a great looking concept. Should’ve known Toyota would’ve put too much vanilla on it..BLAH

  • getoffme

    You are the joke. The car is completely covered and yet you already decided what it would look like.

  • Randy Garrison

    It’s not that challenging to see thru that wrap. I know I seen the concept in Chicago and this…this pales in comparison.

  • Randy Garrison

    This Supra should be a brother to the upcoming LC500, period. Just like the SC400 and MKIV were brothers.
    A BMW relative? I’ve had a BMW and it had more problems than all the other vehicles I’ve owned, combined.

  • Bill Branning

    How about those rear blind spots?
    Or maybe the wrap is just covering the rear glass?

  • Tim Turley

    Give me a turbo 20R or 22R, not a BMW engine. I have an E46 and the engine is a POS.

  • Ernesto

    Como le pongan un motor BMW ¡SE LO CARGAN!
    ¿es que no hay motores TOYOTA/LEXUS para ponerle?
    How to put a BMW engine LOAD IT!
    Is there no TOYOTA / LEXUS engines to put in?

  • td0g

    Rough idle/stalling. Supposedly fixed with an ECU reflash or replacement. The usual subaru minor oil leaks from anything with a gasket. There was a problem with the idler pulley failing I think was fixed on later cars. If you put on power adders then you start to risk the usual Subaru head gasket and rod bearing issues but as a stock car they are as reliable as anything else Toyota sells.

  • NewGuy

    Interesting, I haven’t heard of any of those things but I’ve never done any modifications to a car.

    I had an FR-S (stock, no mods) for 3 years and the only problem I experienced was a cosmetic one and a Toyota problem – the Toyota fuel pump made a “cricket” noise. Certainly nothing as serious as the engine fires Honda was experiencing with the Civic.

  • Richard

    You mean Toyota can’t build a motor for the Supra?????!!! They did before and it’s legendary. If they tank this one I’ll just get a Z06 and smoke this BMW powered flop….what a waste of a great concept.

  • weekend at bryans

    the MKIV supra is already at 60-70K nowadays

  • Carmaker1

    Their designers didn’t spend enough time on it, as the production design was approved merely 8 months after the 2014 FT-1 showing. By comparison, the Lexus LF-LC design was shown 21 months before they finished the LC coupe production design.

  • Virtually no reason to end production of that car – ever.

  • txsupra11
  • txsupra11
  • The Chawllie

    I don’t like how it looks. I want them to create a supercar, like the old one was. Not some little cheap sports car. I want it to be able to compete with the Nissan GTR and Acura NSX.

  • Mikey Doug

    FOR REAL! Does it come with cameras on the mirrors so you can drive in L.A.? Or are Southern Cal. customers SOL….?