Two Fast & Furious Fans Get Punked in the Best Way Possible


Two Fast & Furious fans thought they were getting a sneak preview of the new movie, but they were actually in for a huge surprise.

Xfinity invited out two of its customers who are die-hard Fast & Furious fans to what they were led to believe was a special screening of the movie in a drive-in theater. The two unsuspecting guests climbed into cars to sit back, relax and enjoy some popcorn while watching the eighth movie in the franchise. But that’s not what happened at all, as each guest was paired with a stunt driver who proceeded to start the car, strap on a helmet and take them for the ride of their lives.

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The prank reenacted several scenes from the actual movie with plenty of crashing, explosions and sideways driving. Of course, it wouldn’t be complete unless there was a reference to good ‘ol NOS.

Watch a behind-the-scenes video of the prank below.

  • Trevor Jackson

    how cool is that!

  • Mariano Palmero