Updated Hyundai Sonata Debuts With Host of Small Improvements


Hyundai is trying to bolster its sales and is continuing to debut all-new and updated models across its lineup.

The refreshed Hyundai Sonata was just revealed for its home market in South Korea with a mature new look and more safety features. To keep it competitive with the Honda Accord and new Toyota Camry, Hyundai has given the Sonata some tweaks to keep the exterior fresh and “purposeful.” Two new wheel options have been added and the tail lights get a new design and light signature.

The turbo Sonata gets a different mesh grille, black bezel headlamps and other blacked out or dark details. The biggest enhancement to the Turbo model is a new eight-speed automatic transmission, while the 1.6-liter model gets paddle shifters. No other powertrain updates have been made.

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The interior has also been refreshed to look more premium with larger features, new finishes, updated steering wheels. A seven-inch touchscreen is standard and an eight-inch unit is optional. The Turbo model gets a flat-bottom steering wheel, front seats with more bolstering, and a drive mode selector (Comfort, Eco, Sport and Smart).

In terms of tech, the new Sonata gets wireless charging for cellphones, a new USB port, and Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Lane departure warning, lane-keep assist, high beam assist, adaptive headlights, blind spot monitoring and rear cross traffic alert are also available.

Unfortunately, Hyundai didn’t release very many photos. Expect more photos and information when it debuts in Europe and North America.

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  • Tom Tiedman

    Sonata delivers much too bumpy a ride for me to ever buy another one. What good is styling and features if your kidneys are bouncing into your throat?

  • John Hedinger

    And mine has a very pleasant, smooth ride.
    Makes me think something just ain’t right with the one you rode in, assuming you’ve actually ridden in one. Maybe tires are overinflated? Dunno,.

  • Brian Abrigana

    Maybe the 2011-2014 model. The 2015 and up is sublime.

  • Tom Tiedman

    Yeah, Brian… mine’s a 2011, a real bone-rattler!

  • Brian Abrigana

    I knew it lol. So is my 2014. Go drive a 2015 to 2017 and the difference is like night and day. So planted, quiet, and smooth.

  • Tom Tiedman

    Thanks, Bud… now I know.

  • Richard Raine

    Agree, I have a 2011 Hybrid and everyone that rides in it marvels at the room and the ride. Here is how comfortable it is, I am 79, was 78 years old and drove from Mpls Mn to The Villages Florida straight through in 24 hours flat. 3 no-doze and 3 cups of coffee, no food kept me going 1600 miles. The ride was not the problem. Do I have an unusual car or are there some that do not recognize ride quality no matter what.