Watch a Trophy Truck Fly Around Havana Streets in ‘Recoil 4’

BJ Baldwin has returned to YouTube with another glorious video.

After chasing Sasquatch in Enseneda, Mexico, Baldwin has ventured to Havana, Cuba for Recoil 4.

Armed with his Toyota Tundra trophy truck sporting 850 horsepower, Baldwin performs some impressive feats including a 191-foot flight that registers as the biggest residential jump ever landed by a trophy truck. There’s no Hollywood green-screen magic here, as Baldwin and his film crew, along with Toyo Tires manages to pull off some crazy stunts for the cameras.

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Along with soaring leaps in the air, Baldwin does plenty of sliding around and even drives over a bunch of alternating logs, showing off just how versatile his trophy truck is. If you’re a fan of Ken Block’s Gymkhana series of videos but always wanted something off-road, Recoil is your answer.

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