What’s Jaguar Doing with its XF Sedan?


Spy photographers have caught what appears to be a facelift testing on the Jaguar XF.

What’s strange is that the entire vehicle is wearing camouflage, which is typically not the case when a car is simply receiving a facelift. The problem is, it’s still too early for an all-new, next-generation XF model to begin testing. The plates on the test vehicle confirm it’s a new prototype that was first registered in January 2017, but it may remain shrouded in mystery for the next few months.

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Compared to the current XF, the prototype has new headlights sporting a different shape, which suggests the British automaker is testing a facelift. We also know that a wagon and a high-performance SVR version is due before the XF gets replaced, so maybe Jaguar is simply playing tricks on us by camouflaging the entire car.

Our spy photographers did note that the wagon prototypes that have been spied testing do not sport the same headlights as this particular prototype, and they have a lot less camouflage up front. It will be interesting to see if the wagon prototypes get updated as they get closer to production with an updated front end with the same headlights seen here.

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  • Gerald King

    To me REALLY looks like XE.
    One tail light arch, rear door windows, little bonnet, etc. Not sure though.
    Nobody wants it in my country anymore, the XF muted it. It would make sense to spark interest with a f/lift.

  • John Thomson

    What a photo. That’s a crime, like dressing a gorgeous woman in burlap.