Your Next MINI May Not be Built in the UK

Your Next MINI May Not be Built in the UK

MINI is considering production outside the U.K.

Owned by BMW, MINI currently produces around 200,000 units a year at its factory in Oxford. But BMW has hinted MINI may move its production as a result of Brexit, with CEO Harald Krueger saying it was considering “different scenarios” to deal with any potential economic fallout.

Krueger admitted that the U.K. remains an important location for the automaker, but what happens in the future will depend on how Brexit is ultimately negotiated.

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BMW has factories around the world, including its largest which is in the U.S. in South Carolina. The company also opened an engine plant in China last year and is versatile enough to move MINI production to Germany if it needs to.

[Source: Independent]

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  • keithnteri

    Even though MINI is owned now by BMW it has it’s heritage in the UK. Moving production would tarnish the brand. Part of the charm of owning a MINI is the British ness of it. Losing that will be a sad day. 🙁

  • meisnoone

    I heartily agree. This is almost unthinkable. What is more British than MINI? One instinctively associates the MINI with Britan. I very much hope they don’t do this. Sad day indeed.

  • Stewart Robertson

    Two F56 Minis on the drive (14 & 16 plate), take production out of the UK and it would be our last. build quality was shocking on the 14 plate, eighteen faults needing fixed and it goes in next month again for engine bearing quality check. And still I’m a fan. 16 plate was our fifth. stupid statement from Mini regarding the money spent tooling the factory i’ve done the tour on.

  • PAR

    My 2012 was built in Germany.

  • PAR

    The plate on my 2012 indicates “Built in Germany”

  • John Anthony

    BMW have probably been looking for an excuse to end production in the UK for ages and move it back to Germany, well here it is….blame Brexit
    If they are stupid enough to do that then they deserve the massive slump in sales that will definitely follow.

  • Suthrncomfrt

    No, it wasn’t. It has some parts which are made in germany and them assembled in England.

  • Andrew Meredith

    The tranny is from japan

  • Mainemoose

    Brexit will launch many problems for the UK as advertised. We can’t all have our cake and eat it too. They’re getting their country back, what ever that means. The tyranny of Europe must have been just way too tough to endure on that rocky little island. Stiff upper lip, now. No crying. Maybe the German’s will rename Mini the Klein Kar if they move production to the mainland.

    By the way, the newest Mini is already based on a BMW platform. It stopped being remotely a Mini last generation. So it might be a tad “too tonic”(intentional misspelling) already instead of a British product, and still about as much fun to drive as you can get out on the roads these days.